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Set forth on your transformative journey through our diverse online resources, and check out my soon to be launched exclusive content designed to provide a rich transformative growth.

For immediate learners, the "New School of Erotic Touch", curated by my friend Joseph Kramer, is already available. By using my affiliate link, you're granted access to a plethora of instructional videos, facilitating your self-paced exploration into the intricate world of sensual touch and intimate connection.

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Online Course

Unlock the secrets to revitalizing your sexual stamina with holistic teachings rooted in Tantra, Yoga and Ayurveda.  

This concise course offers valuable insight tailored to solo males, solo females, and couples alike.  Regardless of your relationship status or gender, this journey provides insights that foster a heightened awareness of your own body, and understanding for your partner's experiences, thus deepening your connection and intimacy.

1:1 Coaching Program

Feeling adrift amidst¬†life's complexities?¬† My¬†transformative 60-day program is designed to guide you to unveil your unique purpose ‚ÄĒ your Sva Dharma.

  • Align your vision with your reality
  • Embrace your inner fire and strengthen your confidence
  • Let go of fear and self-sabotaging thoughts
  • Live a Purpose driven life

Tantra Mastery Academy

Tantra, often misunderstood, holds transformative answers for many.  If you've ever been intrigued by its profound depths but felt overwhelmed about where to start, look to further.

Get empowered with knowledge, and community support through a meticulously curated content, interactive sessions, community engagements, and 1:1 mentorship.

This specialized training is meticulously curated for seekers like you, searching for a bridge to your truest self and embark on a journey to finding your purpose in this vast universe.


New School of Erotic Touch


If you are eager to begin learning, I recommend the site developed by my friend Joseph Kramer. Through my affiliate link, you can access On-demand explicit instructional videos to learn at your own pace and from the privacy of your home.

Learn sensuous lovemaking skills from the best teachers in the world for only $29/month

  • Step-by-step video classes in vulva, penis and anal massage.
  • Learn the techniques used by millions of erotic masseurs worldwide.
  • Bring better use of your hands into lovemaking.


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