Respecting Every Man's Individual Path  


My approach to male tantric bodywork is designed to cater to each client's specific comfort zone and unique needs. Some men find immediate solace in the intimate ambiance from the very first session, while others may need additional time to achieve that level of familiarity. Rest assured, I will adapt my work to match your personal comfort, ensuring a secure and uplifting experience.

 After completing the full body massage, emphasis is placed on the gluteal and external anal region. Anal penetration for G-Spot stimulation and prostate pleasure is available for interested male clients.

For this segment, only my hands are used, safeguarded by disposable latex gloves. Please refrain from bringing toys, as we prioritize safety and hygiene above all.



During the second part of the session, the client lies on his back. We begin with long runs on the body to enhance relaxation before delving into the lingam worship massage, which incorporates a blend of the following techniques:

  • Heart to heart ~ Heart to pubic bone rocking
  • Soft to semi-erect cock massage
  • Foreskin stretches
  • Medium strength strokes for the shaft
  • Head and corona massage
  • Manual ringing
  • Mapping & male G-spot stimulation (optional)
  • Practicing "Big Draw"

We culminate our session by creating a sacred "after glow" space, with a few minutes of guided soothing breath work, allowing the client the precious moments to deeply absorb and embrace the awakened sensations from his experience.


Frequent Questions

Here I offer answers to the most common concerns from new clients.   Do you have additional apprehensions?  Let's chat!

Is a Tantric Lingam Massage for you? 


Tantric Lingam Massage can  have a massive healing effect on the body and common men's health problems and sexual dysfunctions.

Breathing paired with eye gazing fosters a heart and genitals connection. Establishing a sense of safety, support, and comfort is vital for building sexual trust.

Regular practice of tantric methods like lingam or massage can help improve your libido, reduce your stress, and explore your sexuality in a healthy manner.

Furthermore, techniques that engage, strengthen, and tone the pelvic floor can address sexual libido issues like premature ejaculation or weak erections, and lessen undesired side effects from radical prostatectomy.


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