Embracing the Enlightened Path of Forbidden Tantra 


"Bhoga" is a Sanskrit term signifying "enjoyment," "consumption," and "experience." In the Tantric tradition, it represents a path that embraces sensual experiences and financial prosperity as integral steps towards self-realization. Contrary to white or traditional Tantra, the often misunderstood 'forbidden tantra' holistically harmonizes the body, mind, and heart, celebrating our sexual energy as a conduit to heightened consciousness.


What is a Tantra Massage?


This is an intimate session celebrating the unity of body, mind, and spirit, embracing our natural form as a sacred temple. We harness the power of breath to connect, with the massage journeying through energy fields where passion and spirit ignite transformation. The session starts by grounding and aligning energy points, ensuring comfort and ease. Through conscious breathwork and holistic bodywork, we unleash unrestricted flow of innate energy.

Sexological Bodywork


In the session's second phase, my touch deepens to stir the receiver's sexual energy. Depending on comfort, we may integrate specific techniques to balance arousal and relaxation; some master this immediately, others over sessions.

Focus is given to the gluteal and external anal areas. Prostate stimulation is available for male clients upon request, and anal penetration for interested female clients. Only my hands, protected by disposable latex gloves, are used for this segment. Kindly avoid bringing toys. Safety and hygiene are paramount.

The session concludes with the receiver facing up, with distinct protocols for male and female participants detailed below.

Yoni ♀︎

Lingam ♂︎


The Grand finalle


The session culminates in a transformative experience where the receiver lies face-up, seamlessly merging conscious breathwork, vivid visualization, and deliberate movement to maintain an unbroken surge of energy. 

Yoni (for females) and Lingam (for males) protocols are incorporated.   



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Tantra: The Dance of Sacred Union


 In the Hindu perspective of creation, the universe was birthed from the sexual and spiritual union of Shiva and Shakti. Shiva embodies pure consciousness, while his counterpart, Shakti, epitomizes pure energy. Their legendary union symbolizes human existence as a passionate act of love, merging these two divine essences.

In contemporary times, integrating Tantra into relationships can infuse soulfulness and equilibrium into our tumultuous lives, carving out a niche for the Sacred. Like any art or science, mastering Tantra demands consistent practice.

A sacred relationship is a profound act of love, demanding complete vulnerability with your partner. It signifies a commitment to remain present, to venerate each other as incarnations of the Divine, to recognize one another's sanctity, and to persistently open the heart, come what may.

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