Hi! I’m Sukki


I'm a female born experienced provider.  I have cultivated a thriving practice with the support of my dedicated regular clients.  New clients please read thru thoroughly before contacting me.

My journey in holistic healing began many years ago, when I became an Tantra Yoga Teacher.  Beyond yoga, my passion lies in bodywork. As a holistic practitioner, my approach is deeply personal and tailored to individual needs. Every person's journey to balance, peace, and rejuvenation is unique, and I am here to guide you on your own path. 

Let's meet in Person! 


I host the sessions at my private residence in Garland, TX, which offers a clean, tranquil, and discreet environment.

Your Tantra bodywork session is set in a private room, meticulously designed to prioritize your comfort and confidentiality. Additionally, a private bathroom and shower are available for your use and convenience. 

For a general overview of the session go here, and for more detailed information, please visit the "Yoni" page if you have a vagina, or the "Lingam" page if you have a penis.


Ready to get started? 

To book your first tantric massage text me the details below at:


  • Your name, age and gender (you must be over 28 years old),¬†
  • Confirmation that you are in good general health, are a non-smoker and weigh less than 400lbs.¬†
  • Indicate the day and time when you are looking to meet and for which session,¬†90 min for $300 or 2 hrs for $400.¬†
  • Agree to silence your phone and put it away while receiving the session.¬†
  • Lastly, I prefer to meet individuals who can drive themselves to my location. However, I understand that if you are visiting¬†you might¬†need to use services like Uber or Lyft.¬† If so,¬†for the sake of my safety, I kindly request that you share the link for your¬†ride¬†with me.
  • At this time, I only accept payment in cash or via Zelle.

*I don’t facilitate sessions for couples at this time*