New School of Erotic Touch

I am thrilled to partner with the New School of Erotic Touch to bring you the best online instruction available today to refine your seductive skills, with dozens of tutorials by expert sex educators. 

Access a rich library of erotic education and sensuous lovemaking skills with demonstrations of solo and partnered practices to introduce you to new enticing possibilities as they stimulate your creativity and playfulness. and offer online tutorials by some of my favorite erotic educators, including Joseph, Chester Mainard and Jaya, among many others.

Click on each class below to get more information or to enroll. Tuition is $29 for both websites together – 50+ hours of erotic education and sensuous lovemaking skills from the world’s best teachers.

Educate your mouth and sensual touch

Learn how to use mouth, tongue and touch to seduce, entice and tantalize.  More than 40 techniques for males and females to heighten your partner's arousal.

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Please her!

Get educated on female anatomy and get a clear understanding of the erectile zones in a female.  Learn hundreds of manual techniques to stimulate her vulva, labia and G-spot.

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Seduce him!

Learn to stroke the lingham or penis while soft, semi-erected and fully erected.  

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Erotic techniques for couples

Giver or receiver?  How about both?   In Tantra both partners surrender to each other, and opening their hearts and minds to receive and experience freely.

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