About red, bhoga or forbidden tantra

Bhoga -is a Sanskrit word which means “enjoyment,” “consumption,” “experience” and “sensual pleasure.”  It is the tantric path that does not condemn pursuing a sensual experience, or achieving financial success, as part of one's personal journey to self-realization.  

Unlike white or Tantra yoga, forbidden tantra rebalances our holistic self: our  body, mind and hearts while celebrating our sexual energy to achieve a new level of consciousness without the peer pressure of achieving orgasm.  


Our sexual energy is the strongest and most accessible vibration in our body.  Forbidden tantra not only celebrates it, but encourages us to practice our erotic touch.   Everyone can mastered it by doing it, and doing it again...  and again!  Eventually, seductive massage will become a part of you. The more you practice, the more naturally and easily it will come, and the more fruits it will bear for you.

Shakti - the female


Awaken your female energy and tune in with your moon channel.   Use your breath to cultivate present awareness.  Stay focused as kundalini vibrates from your genitalia to your crown of the head.

Awaken your erotic mind

Shiva - the male


Kindle your male energy with intelligent, yet intuitive somatic stimulation.  As you release physical tension, libido and sexual stamina increase, provoking highest states of vigor to celebrate yourself.

Awaken your erotic body

Shiva ~ Shakti the perfect union.


As your mind and body merge by use of your breath, Kundalini Shakti ascends  to meet Shiva, creating the perfect union.  Wether practicing solo or with your partner, the taoist and somatic touch culminates in complete ecstatic bliss.

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Education for Somatic touch

Learn erotic massage by practicing solo or with your partner!  My goal is to bring you resources that focus in sustained arousal vs quick orgasm.

Most red Tantra sessions begin with a brief heart-to-heart, eye-to-eye connecting ritual ceremony to tune in thru the breath.  Then we awake the senses with a taoist massage, a full body relaxing and energy healing massage intended to unblock the energy centers (chakras) and revitalize your essence, while taking you into deep estates of arousal and relaxation.

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In the Hindu religion’s view of creation, the sexual and spiritual union of Shiva with Shakti gave birth to the universe. The god Shiva is seen as the embodiment of pure consciousness, and his consort, the goddess Shakti, is the embodiment of pure energy. Their union in mythology represents human existence as an erotic act of love that combines their two essences. 

In modern times, the practice of Tantra in relationships can bring soul and balance to our otherwise chaotic lives, making space for the Sacred to be present. As with any art and science, mastery of Tantra requires practice, practice, practice.

Sacred relationship is a practice of Love, of opening yourself to your partner in the most precious places.  Sacred relationship is a commitment to be present to each other, to honor each other as a manifestation of the Divine, to see the other as sacred, and to be relentless in opening the heart no matter what.

In person erotic massage

Before granting sessions for couples, I meet with solo males and females to personally discuss their goals and set the best strategy for their unique goals.  

Sessions for couples are granted only when both partners have completed a minimum of 3 sessions each and have fulfilled some requirements

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1:1 Life & Sex coaching

I will be your mentor as we work together to reveal your primordial purpose of greatness. These sessions are not limited to discuss sexual issues, but also any other perceived limitations that are sabotaging your goals.  

This unique coaching acknowledges, the intrinsic connection between your sexual being and your life.  We explore ways for you to expand your sensuality and sexual pleasure, while taking steps to expand your abundance, love and joy in all areas of your life.

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Online sex classes

I have partnered with erotic pioneer Joseph Kramer, and his New school of erotic touch, to bring you the best online sexual instruction available today. Watch online tutorials by renowned somatic educators, including Joseph, Chester Mainard and Jaya, among many others.

There is no better place to educate your hands and your heart.

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