1:1 Sex & life coaching (virtual meetings)

I work with clients who need a direct, intimate and confidential conversation to uncover thoughts and inner voices leading to self-sabotaging behaviors.   

This is a great option for anyone who would like to work with me privately.  I honor my client's privacy.  I have been advising clients since 2009.

In this one-on-one coaching relationship, I share tools to uncover issues at the intersection of sex, gender and life.  You decide the one most pressing issue you want to work on and what goal you’d like to achieve.  Based on this we map an action plan and revisit at the frequency that works best for you.

I offer expert advise based on red and white Tantra, Ayurveda and yoga techniques that will help gain clarity and have a path of action and that will result in financial, personal and sexual fulfillment.

This program applies to whatever your sexual or gender issue, concern, perceived limitation, expectation or goal is.

Most coaching programs avoid the individual's holistic self, particularly the person's sexual nature.  White Tantra justifies it as a path of Brahmacharya or abstinence, while most professional programs only focus on the individuals professional goals.

Red Tantra acknowledges, appreciates and utilizes the inseparable connection between your sex life and the rest of your being:

  • Your greatest desire or Dharma
  • The resources to accomplish it or Artha
  • Your passions and desires or Kama
  • And the ultimate freedom from experiencing the best version of yourself or Moksha

When you expand your capacity for sensual and sexual pleasure, you expand your capacity for abundance, love and joy in all areas of your life.  I bring all of my skills and knowledge are at your disposal, including yoga practices, breathing or pranayama, meditation practices, sex information and education, emotional and mental rebalancing, resources and referrals.  

Why is this coaching unique?

Let's talk!  (469) 223.2493

Please notice that I neither answer private or blocked numbers nor I accept Google voice calls.